CSJBA Rep Update

We have the SL team heading off to Nationals at Lismore next week. They will be scrimmaging with our JL team next Monday night at Phil Austin in a final rehearsal for their tournament. All supporters welcome. 5.00 – 8.00. No sooner will the SL be finished in Lismore than the JL squad will be flying out to Adelaide for their National tournament. Obviously they all go with the best wishes of our baseball community. I’m sure you’re all are aware, via social media or the website, that our JL team recently completed the washed out final day of the NSW tournament and by beating Ryde 10 -8 in the final Glen Humphry, Scott Pearl, Guy Edmonds and their boys are the 2016 State Champions. Congratulations to them! We led 10 – 5 but we are a compassionate lot and allowed Ryde to sneak closer in the top of the last so they wouldn’t feel too disappointed.

The Little League teams recently participated in the NSW tournament. The Majors unfortunately didn’t qualify for the next level with a 2 win, 3 loss record but the Minors went to the final after topping their pool. They led for 4 digs but were run down by our perennial nemesis Ryde. Thank you to the coaches who gave up their time and energy to prepare and supervise our children. Majors officials were Darren Moss (HC) with Kevin Glasheen and Darren Cummings. The Minors were led by Phil Gruppelaar (HC) with Julie Southwell and Matt Grant.

Grade Club at Tom Evans Field, Bonnet Bay: It is also fairly common knowledge that the Grade Club has made an arrangement with Bonnet Bay and will be playing their home games at Tom Evans field this winter. By combining the resources of the two groups the facility has had a significant upgrade which will be showcased this coming Saturday when we host Marrickville at the venue. Any CSJBA junior who comes along in his club shirt will receive a free sausage sandwich from the BBQ. 3rd grade kicks off at 9.00, 2nds at 11.30 and First Grade starts at 2.00. Should be a great day!

Rule review: There was a minor brouhaha in the JL grand final when a lefty picking off at 1st was balked by the field umpire. The umpire adjudged that he had not stepped directly towards first base as he picked. The pitcher and his coach started talking about a 45 degree consideration. 45 degrees is an urban myth. It does not appear in the rule book which demands distance and direction towards the base that is being thrown too. This could also be a consideration for right handed pitchers throwing to 3rd base. It doesn’t happen often but the rule is the same. Any motion towards home plate by the pitcher means he must deliver to the batter. Stepping towards home and throwing to third will be a balk.