Round 6 Update

I certainly enjoyed the final scrimmage of the program. The weather couldn’t have been better, the ground was dry for a pleasant change and the game I called was entertaining with some good hitting to admire. Good defence keeps you in the game but good hitting can win it! As both teams hit today the 14’s match finished in an honourable 12 all draw. Thanks to Stuart Fletcher (12’s) and Scott McDonough (14’s) for volunteering to do the field umpiring today.

The All Stars teams have been announced for next week's All Star game, the coaches conferred on the make-up of the teams and the discussion was lengthy over some of the nominations. One fellow played his way in today. Congratulations to the players selected and condolences to the fringe players who just missed out.

If you haven’t noticed the poster on the website for our Gala Day next Sunday take a look. As well as the All Stars games our current national champion Little League team will be at Barden Ridge to play a scrimmage against a gathering of many of last summer’s Junior League team. The LL kids will give away as much as two years in age but watch them compete - playing much bigger opponents will be good practice for when they play in America. Our first match is against the champion team from South America, Venezuela. The LL team fly out for the USA on the 14th August so this will be an opportunity for the CSJBA community to farewell them and wish them all the best in the campaign.

All the Winter Development players who come in uniform will receive a free sausage sandwich and drink even if they’re not playing. The All Star games will start at 9.00 and the LL v JL match will begin at 9.30. Ben Jeffrey and Mitchell McDonough from our 14’s WD program will be playing for the CSJBA JL team. All we need now is for the weather to co-operate.


Peter B